Fire Safety Training

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Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training

Our highly experienced trainers will work with you to provide bespoke training to ensure that your staff are appropriately trained, including compiling and using Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs), compartmentation of building and evacuation procedures, and the use of evacuation aids specific to your Organisation.


We provide training to a wide range of commercial sectors, ensuring not just compliance, but procedures that ensure a safe workforce.


Our teaching style is one of engagement and inclusivity and provides a practical approach to training, including walk-through of procedures, table top exercises and observed evacuations.


Our trainers provide training for staff at all levels of the Organisation, including CEO’s attending sessions. Courses range from basic awareness training to Responsible Person training courses.


Course Syllabuses
Basic Fire Awareness Course
Fire Wardens Course
Responsible Person Course
Fire Extinguisher training

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